What Do Freeze Dried Skittles Taste Like?

What Do Freeze Dried Skittles Taste Like?

An Intensified Flavor Experience

Freeze dried Skittles offer an explosion of intensely concentrated fruit flavors that are both familiar and remarkably heightened. With each piece, the distinct taste of each Skittle flavor shines through, making it easy to identify and savor. The freeze drying process not only enhances the sweetness of the Skittles without becoming overwhelmingly sugary, but also creates a unique, airy crunch that is unmatched by their original chewy form.

Unique Texture Transformation

Freeze Dried Skittles:

  • Extremely Light and Airy: The texture is crispy and crunchy, shattering easily when bitten into.
  • Quick Dissolution: They dissolve quickly in the mouth, almost like a powdery candy, leaving a slight crunch behind.
  • Non-Sticky: Unlike regular Skittles, they don’t adhere to your teeth or fingers, making them a cleaner treat.

Regular Skittles:

  • Soft and Chewy: Regular Skittles have a more consistent texture that requires a few chews to break down.
  • Candy Coating: The outer layer is harder, with a gummy interior.
  • Sticky Residue: They can be sticky and often leave residue on your fingers or teeth.

Comparisons to Other Freeze Dried Treats

The intensified fruit flavor and crunchy texture of freeze dried Skittles are similar to freeze dried strawberries or bananas, which also maintain their natural sweetness and crispness. In terms of candy, the experience is akin to eating Pop Rocks, where the candy shatters into small, fizzy pieces in the mouth, but without the popping sensation. The freeze dried Skittles also share similarities with astronaut ice cream, known for its light and airy texture.

Visual Appearance

Freeze dried Skittles appear deceptively similar to their original form, maintaining their iconic rainbow colors. However, upon closer inspection, they have a slightly matte finish, lacking the glossy sheen of regular Skittles. Each piece is visibly lighter and more delicate, with a porous texture that hints at the airy crispness within. The candy coating remains intact, preserving the vibrant hues, but the overall appearance is more subdued, reflecting the transformation from a chewy to a crispy treat.

Air Candies Testimonials

  • “Freeze dried Skittles are a flavor sensation! The fruity punch is so much more intense, and that crunch is oddly satisfying.”
  • “I didn’t think Skittles could get any better, but the freeze dried version is a game changer. The texture is unique and the flavors are so vibrant.”
  • “Eating freeze dried Skittles is like tasting Skittles for the first time, but on a whole new level. It’s a fun, new way to enjoy a classic candy.”
  • “I love how the freeze drying process brings out the natural sweetness of the Skittles without making them overly sugary. It’s a guilt-free indulgence.”

Final Thoughts

Freeze dried Skittles are a delightful and novel treat that bring a new dimension to an already beloved candy. The combination of intensified flavor and textural innovation makes them a must-try for anyone looking to experience Skittles in a fresh and exciting way. Whether you’re a Skittles enthusiast or just curious about freeze dried treats, these crunchy, flavor-packed morsels are sure to impress.

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