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8 + Freebie Bundle Freeze Dried Candy Variety Pack

SKU: freeze-dried-8-pack
Experience the Ultimate Candy Adventure with Air Candies' Freeze-Dried Variety Pack! This 8-pack assortment, plus a bonus of freeze-dried salt water taffy, offers a crunchy, fruity fiesta with every bite. Enjoy freeze-dried Skittles, Sour Skittles, Wild Berry Skittles, Chamoy Skittles with Tajin, Air Heads, Sprees, Hi-Chews, and Jolly Ranchers. Perfect for parties, gifts, or personal treats, this pack delivers an exciting flavor journey without breaking the bank. Dive into a taste expedition and elevate your candy game with Air Candies today!

Hi-Chew Galaxy Bites

SKU: Hi-Chew-Galaxy-Bites
Embark on a flavor journey with Hi-Chew Galaxy Bites! Experience the iconic chewy candy now transformed into a crunchy, freeze-dried treat. Each bite is a celestial adventure through a galaxy of fruity flavors.