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8 + Freebie Bundle Freeze Dried Candy Variety Pack

SKU: freeze-dried-8-pack
Experience the Ultimate Candy Adventure with Air Candies' Freeze-Dried Variety Pack! This 8-pack assortment, plus a bonus of freeze-dried salt water taffy, offers a crunchy, fruity fiesta with every bite. Enjoy freeze-dried Skittles, Sour Skittles, Wild Berry Skittles, Chamoy Skittles with Tajin, Air Heads, Sprees, Hi-Chews, and Jolly Ranchers. Perfect for parties, gifts, or personal treats, this pack delivers an exciting flavor journey without breaking the bank. Dive into a taste expedition and elevate your candy game with Air Candies today!

Nerdy Nebulas

SKU: Nerdy_Nebulas
$8.00$12.00a bag
Introducing "Nerdy Nebulas" – where cosmic wonder meets playful flavor in every bite! Our brand, inspired by the boundless curiosity of Nebulo the Nerd, invites you on an interstellar adventure through the deliciously unique world of Nerd Clusters. At the heart of "Nerdy Nebulas" is our character, Nebulo the Nerd, a scientific explorer par excellence. Nebulo's journey through the Nerdy Nebula embodies the same sense of discovery and surprise you'll experience with our Nerd Clusters. Each piece is a fusion of flavors and colors, as varied and vibrant as the stars in the night sky. So, come aboard the "Nerdy Nebulas" spaceship and let your taste buds embark on an adventure as expansive and exciting as the cosmos itself. With "Nerdy Nebulas," every snack is a step into a universe where flavor knows no bounds!