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10 Bundle Freeze Dried Candy Variety Pack

SKU: freeze-dried-10-pack
Elevate your snacking with the Air Candies Freeze-Dried Candy Variety Pack! This Ultimate Crunchy, Fruity Fiesta Pack offers a cosmic journey of flavors with a 10-pack assortment of your favorite candies, transformed into crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth marvels. Featuring freeze-dried Skittles (including Sour and Chamoy-flavored), Gummy Worms, Airheads, Starburst, Hi-Chews, Jolly Ranchers, Peach Rings, and Nerd Clusters, each bite is an exploration of intense fruity essences and unique textures. Enhanced with a touch of Tajin and Chamoy for a spicy twist, this variety pack is perfect for any occasion, offering an affordable indulgence into the art of candy making. Join the flavor expedition with Air Candies and make every moment a fiesta!